Worcester Bosch Ground Source Heatpumps

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A Ground Source Heatpump uses the natural energy stored in the ground to heat your home, the Greenstore range of heatpumps are suitable for a variety of properties and are designed to be the sole source of heating and hot water in the home. Combi Heatpumps have an integral cylinder built in so saving installation space. A System heatpump requires a separate cylinder and can also be incorporated with a solar system to suplement the hot water.

Heat pumps are an extremely efficient way of heating the property, for every 1Kw of electricity required to power the heatpump, the system could generate up to 4Kw or more in energy for the home.

Greenstore heatpumps are certified by the Microregeneration Certification Scheme, and qualify for the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive to be introduced in April 2011.

How does it all work?

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The heatpump uses a refrigeration process to produce the heat required. Fluid is pumped around the ground loop collector to achieve a temperature of around 3-5 degrees C. Inside the heatpump it then meets the refrigerant (-10 degrees) and causes it to boil and produce a vapour which is then compressed causing it to rapidly increase in temperature. A condenser transfers this energy to the heating system heat to provide the heat for the Hot Water system and radiator or underfloor heating circuits.